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September 2019

Autumn is here and hopefully all our great wellness intentions are too and we will end the year a little further forward on the road to optimum wellness. 
Given that all of last year's resolutions are still firmly in place, many of us are reaping the benefits and moving on to a whole new level of fitness and wellness.  
Some of us are training for marathons, half marathons, !0k's, 5k's, triathlons, iron men  etc., while others are watching our waistlines and are all about the brisk walks/10,000 steps/day, park runs, dog walking, golf, gym activity, yoga, sports and charity events. 
Others await the arrival of a new family member while managing the challenges of pregnancy with all it's wonderful mysteries as well as its not so wonderful aches and pains. 
We can support all these life challenges with management strategies including great maintenance massages and therapy as well as top nutrition such as Herbalife Formula One super smoothies for the support and recovery that our bodies depend on.  Growth and repair of healthy muscles and other body structures is essential to optimum health.

Please read on to find out more or...if you have already decided on the therapy you wish to book or products to purchase contact me at enquiries@danablyththerapies.co.uk  or you can select and pay at the shopping cart which you will find on the left of this page. I will be in touch soon afterwards to help with your booking. 
If you prefer, you can also purchase a gift voucher instead in advance for your treatment or to gift to someone else.


Wellbeing Therapies support our bodies along with great nutrition such as delicious Herbalife energising nutrition drinks and totally nourishing Herbalife 24 Sports healthy meal/protein shakes.  All this will be giving us a spring in our steps as we move through the early days of autumn. 

Have you tried all the tasty Herbalife flavours of Formula One shake yet? Upgrade to the NEXT generation Formula 1 shakes which are now available in BANANA CREAM, CAFE LATTE and APPLE SPICE and SUMMER BERRIES flavours. 
STOP PRESS the new Cookie Crunch is here and available to order.
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You can find and learn about them at herbalnutrition.com/danab

Three day trial packs of shakes and energy boosting drinks are brilliant for kick starting weight loss AND giving you a good idea of how great the full weight loss personal programs will be! Packs come in two flavours vanilla and cookies and cream, plus Thermo Beverage to give your energy levels a boost up while burning the fat. 

For other health information news and tips head over to the Facebook pages: 

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If you are interested in all things nutrition, health and weight management then visit  

If you would appreciate the support of a fun, weight loss group then visit
If you would like to earn some extra income while getting healthier and helping others to do the same then take a look here www.workfromhomesystem.com\danab

Vouchers       Vouchers       Vouchers      Vouchers     Vouchers     Vouchers

GIFT giving? Complementary therapy sessions make perfect presents. You can buy a gift voucher starting from £10 at the shopping cart on this site. Vouchers are great for Christmas,  birthdays, weddings, Valentines. Mothers Day and Fathers Day and all other special celebrations. You could also give a Herbalife wellbeing or weight loss nutritional and coaching program.  
With a selection of delicious formula one flavours and other tasty products to choose from you could  really help someone progress with their wellness and weight loss goals in 2018. There are also other high quality specialised nutrients and  personal care programs from the SKIN and Aloe Vera range. Have a squint at www.herbalnutrition.com/danab

I was fortunate to be a Glasgow Commonwealth Games  sports massage therapist. This was an amazing opportunity to meet and provide treatments for elite  international athletes  and as they graciously said, play a part in their sporting success. It's wonderful looking back and remembering  all the volunteers, members of the public and athletes that made it such a great experience and last year it happened all over again in Australia's Gold Coast! I wasn't there but I followed all the action on TV. Amazing!

Weight Loss Challenges at the Aberdeen Wellness Hub happen throughout the year.  Look at www. losebig.net/danab for updates or let me know if you want to get one started now. 
All are very welcome to register  and to get started with our free coaching sessions too. Invite your friends family etc. 
Its more fun when you buddy up!
Get in touch to find out more and secure your place or why not speak to me about setting up a challenge  at your chosen venue such as work, club, gym, home etc.  
07743822707 email: wlc@danablyththerapies.co.uk
The Aberdeen Wellness Hub
39 Dee Street,
Thank you!

I offer a variety of therapies at the Aberdeen Wellness Hub at Dee St. or if preferred, in the workplace. Whether you have particular wellness goals like easing aching muscles or managing stress or would simply like the luxury of chill-out time in a relaxing space I am ready to help you feel your absolute best. 
Once you have looked around the website via the menu on the left you can book your choice by phone, text or email or via the shopping cart. You can order gift vouchers in the same way or purchase them in advance of your own treatment to save remembering to bring cash or cheques on the day.  You can also pay by e methods.
Here's the number 07743822707 if you need any additional information or email at enquiries@danablyththerapies.co.uk 

Please be aware
* If you need to change the time or cancel an appointment, a notice of 48 hours or more is requested - and for workplace bookings two weeks notice please.
* Late Cancellation charge is 75% of the total fee. Please purchase a voucherto cover this if you are not a returning customer. 
Thank you for courtesy and valuing your therapist's time.  

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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE                
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You can give the feel good                                 factor with gift vouchers for
therapies and health, sports & weight pro
grams just purchase from the shopping cart or get in touch
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You can boost the health benefits of therapies with a whole range of herbal based nutrition from Herbalife! Following a free wellness evaluation consultation we will devise a 
personalised health or weight loss program for you and provide a free Personal Wellness Coaching 
Service while you are striding towards your goals. This will help you get the most from your nutritional program and is a very important part of the holistic approach towards a healthier lifestyle for energy, well-being and confidence. There are programs for weight management, sports performance & recovery.
Also high end face, body & hair care.   

* Susan Grant Hypnobirthing  discounts when you mention 
Dana Blyth Therapies

Treatments, programs and products are designed to help:
 sports performance
 tired aching muscles
 sports injuries
 body maintenance  
 peak  performance
 stress and tension related  conditions
 body and emotional balance
 digestive health
 sports: recovery, nutrition, massage.
 natural skin and personal care
 weight issues
Nutrition helpers
energy boosting natural nutrition!
antioxidants, omega 3 oils, hydration, protein drinks/soup and bars, 
low calorie meals as shakes and bars
and savoury or sweet snacks
The incredible HL24 sports nutrition range, CR7 (Cristian Ronaldo) and much much more.....

Weight Loss the fun way!

If you would like get inspired by the next weight loss challenge you can contact me or register at www.losebig.net/danab   Get in touch directly if you would like to discuss  more or how to have a challenge at your workplace, club, group, gym etc etc.  

You can purchase HL24 sports nutrition here
I hope you can find everything else you need and look forward to welcoming you at the Aberdeen Wellness Hub! Thanks for visiting!

ATM's on nearby Union Street  (cash or cheque only at the Venue)


       Established in Aberdeen since 1997
     Previous locations at 
                    NUFFIELD HEALTH, formerly Cannons at Justicemills Lane
                 Centurion Court (Scottish Enterprise), North Esplanade West
                                 BON ACCORD BATHS, Justicemill Lane, 
                                        ALLURE, Craigiebuckler Avenue, 
                                        The Tranquillity Centre Rose St
                                Innovations at Belmont Street Aberdeen
          The Alternative Practice, Huntly St                                      

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